Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're going to Disney World!

Okay..the details have yet to be ironed out and Jeremy is only 80% sure he's been approved for a conference in Orlando but there's a good chance.

With the possibility very real at this moment, we are starting to look at flights, hotels, vacation homes, and activities and it's very overwhelming.  Help!!  So many wise mommies read my blog and I am guessing that many have been to Disney World.  Any recommendations are very welcome...

That is all.  I am sooo excited! 

PS- Only a couple more days to enter the Fuzzy Nogginz giveaway.  Click on the adorable little man with the Mickey Mouse ears for more details.


  1. AH!!! That is SO exciting!! I'm a Disney fanatic! We grew up going there every year for our family vacation - I think I've been there near 20 times! We are heading down there again in October with the ILs and have a house rented (it looks like an amazing house - I prefer to stay on property in Disney but they are planning the trip). If you want the site they booked it from just let me know - they got a great deal (it's a 7 bedroom house, pool (and a 1ft kids pool attached), with ALL the amenities) for something like $1500 for the week! Oh you are going to have fun!!!

  2. Sure...let me know the website and maybe some recommendations for places to stay on site as well. I am just a bit unsure if all vacation house rental companies are legit/trustworthy.


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