Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Government Approved

Passport applications are a lot of work!   I have spent the last couple days filling out applications and finding all the official documentation required.  It's been very time consuming especially since I had to do another for myself as well since my passport was in my maiden name.  Actually, the passport applications weren't even the worst part.

The trip to Costco to get the kids' photos was quite the event however.  Our first attempt involved an uncooperative toddler who wouldn't look at the camera.  We gave up on him for the meantime and looked to our well behaved infant.  Cue the humongous blow out and no change of clothes in sight!  Good thing it was Costco...I bought a Carter's outfit and managed to survive the mess and distress in the bathroom.   So did Aleena and then she fell fast asleep.  Still no photos!!

We decided to do our shopping first and Connor cheered up thanks to banana and nutella samples.  We bought a Thomas the Train book as bribery and tried again.  This time, it was mission accomplished although there is a look of panic in his eyes as we pretended we were taking the book to get a sticker out for him and he was afraid he wasn't getting it back.

Then, it was Aleena's turn.  We woke her up since we didn't want to relive the whole situation on another day.  One photo and we got it!  She was a star...a sleepy one but perfect for a passport photo.  Of course, I have to share them now!  Baby passport photos are sooo cute!

Am I getting the book back?!!


  1. heheheheh maelle's is so funny too :)

  2. Cute. I'm surprised you got a photo of Aleena not smiling!

  3. Jess, she was actually sick which I figured out later that day. Worked for a passport photo though.


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