Saturday, February 12, 2011

Giveaway Linky Madness

I promised a few people that I would post some of my favourite places to find giveaways.  In reality, I haven't entered that many giveaways but I do enter a few especially when I "link up" my own giveaways on other blogs.  These are some of my favourite places to post my own giveaways because they result in traffic to my site which is always a good thing!  I am going to start off with the ones that cater to Canadians and then I'll list a few more.  Keep in mind that some of the giveaways are only for US residents so make sure to check before you enter.  Good giveaway links will ask blogs to specify this when posting.

Without further ado, here's the links.  Have fun entering and good luck!  One more thing, each of these links is usually updated on a weekly basis so if you click through to an old link, you'll easily find the new one under Giveaways or Giveaway Linky in that blog's tabs.  I will likely add a giveaway linky on my blog eventually but I haven't got around to it yet.  Stay tuned though!

Giveaways open to Canadians:
Follow Me, I'm Canadian
Canadian Giveaways
Canadian Moms

Canadian blogs that indicate if giveaways are open to Canada or US:
Maple Leaf Mommy (Massive list of links!)
Mommy Moment 

Canada and/or US:  (Be sure to check if the contest is open to Canada before you enter.)
My Secret Home
Fun Being Frugal
Giveaways for Mom

In case that doesn't keep you busy enough, this website is where all these blogs post their giveaway links.

Post Your Giveaway Linky

By the way, if you have a Facebook page or blog and would like to gain more followers, you can also find something called "Blog Hops" or things like Facebook Fridays to help you increase your numbers.   Some sites work better than others but the best for Facebook networking is Mom vs. the Boys Facebook Friday.

Another tip for Canadian Etsy Shops or small stores is to join up with a site like Follow Me, I'm Canadian.  You can become a member for free and meet lots of other Canadian mommies with home businesses.  They also have lots of opportunities for networking and promoting your shops.

I'm tired so that's all I've got for now but I wanted to share since there's been a lot of interest in finding giveaways lately!  I am certainly not an expert but I have learned a bit about the mommy blogging world in the past few months and I am happy to share.

With all this talk of giveaways, make sure you've entered my latest giveaway too!  Baby Chunky Cheeks is going to give one lucky winner a customized headband and hand-dyed onesie.  The contest is open until Valentine's Day.

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