Monday, February 28, 2011

My JuJuBe PackaBe is Here!

Hello pretty diaper bag!  I have decided I have a bit of a problem.  Now I know how women who love purses feel and that was never me until I was actually required to carry a diaper bag and I am not sure where this obsession is going to lead me.  Perhaps it will lead to an expensive purse habit once my babies aren't babies anymore but let's not look ahead too far.  There are many more baby wipes and diapers in my immediate future so I won't worry about that yet.

Back to the topic!  My bag arrived from BabySteals today and I love it.  I love how stylish it is but most of all, I like the almost indestructible exterior for our upcoming airplane trip to Florida.  I also love that I can wear it as a backpack.  I took a ton of photos to share since I like to know what a bag looks like and it's always hard to find good photos online beyond the front, back and possibly an overhead look if you're lucky.  I hope you find this helpful if you are thinking of buying a JuJuBe PackaBe.  My overall first impression is excellent and I look forward to using it on our trip and beyond that of course.  I'll be packing it full of things soon and will be able to give an even better informal review after it's been put through some extensive use.

Just a tip for seeing the photos up close.  Click on the photo once to open in a new window and again to zoom in even further.

Connor got his hands on the bag this morning and it became a train yard.
The front of the bag.  You can see both insulated side pockets for sippy cups or bottles.
The backpack part of the bag.  These straps can be detached and attached at the sides like most bags and carried over the shoulder as well.
There is a large pocket at the back with this change pad inside.  The change pad has handy creases in it that make it easy to fold back up again.
The view from above.  The inside part you can't see has two more black mesh pockets like you see in the photo above.
The front of the bag again where you can see two large pockets.  They both are held closed with strong magnets rather than zippers so you can get in and out quickly.  Good for everything but loose change. :-)
Top pocket when opened up.  There's room to put photos of two cute babies up there.  One of my first projects for this bag!
Inside the top pocket.
Inside the bottom pocket.
The pretty bling on the two main zippers.
My baby girl already loves pretty purses (and I wanted to show you how big the diaper bag is.)
To conclude, the bag is very solidly made and should withstand a lot of use.  It's actually quite heavy just on its own but I'm a tough girl so I'm sure I can handle it.  :-)  When it pops up on Babysteals, it's certainly the right price too so I appreciate that as well.


  1. Love it! Especially all of the pockets!

    I was tempted to get one when it came up on Babysteals but I know it's not big enough for my kids!

  2. That's definitely a good buy! The bag looks good and has many pockets, I like it!

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