Friday, February 18, 2011

A Whole Lot of Cuteness in the Closet!

As the topic states, there really is a whole lot of cuteness going on in Aleena's closet.  Since there's been lots of talk about tutus and pettiskirts lately for baby girl's first birthdays, I chose to write about them first.  I bought a couple pettiskirts last year.  A brown/blue one from Babysteals and a pink one from Kidsteals.  They are both made by Katelyn & Co.  The regular price is not something I would likely spend but I was happy to buy them for half price in anticipation of future photo ops and Aleena's first birthday.  With the big day approaching quickly (less than two months to go), I thought I'd pull them out of the closet.  As mentioned, I discovered some other cute things in there too but I'll share those on another day. For now, here is Aleena in her brown/blue Katelyn & Co. pettiskirt.

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