Thursday, February 10, 2011

Have You Seen This Book?

As usual, I seem to have way too many things going on and not a lot is getting done.  I won't even attempt to list everything but it's almost like I have a knack for finding something new just to procrastinate at everything else.  For example, starting my Facebook page to sell the kids' clothes.  I have to admit that I love doing it though.   It was fun to design the logo and accompanying images for on hold and sold items.  I enjoy going through the boxed up clothes and taking photos as it brings back memories.

It's been kind of nice to get the whole clothing situation under control because it's ridiculous how much clothing a two year old can have.   Just when I think I might be coming near the end of the boxes, I find more in his bedroom closet or dresser drawers.  I still have quite a bit left to add but it's working out okay to add things gradually.  In case you missed the post about Darling Dudz, here's a link to it on Facebook.  I have added quite a few items so feel free to check things out, say hello, and even make requests as I seem to have almost everything (in the right sizes of course).

Meanwhile, I have a book review due for my Masters class that is gnawing at me.  Yes, it's really bothering me so 'gnawing' is an apt description in this case.  After several hours of searching for a 'non-edited' book as the assignment requires not to mention numerous e-mails to my professor asking for assistance, I finally discover that the book can be 'series edited'.  That would have been nice to know and would have opened up all sorts of possibilities much, much earlier.

So, I chose a book and it happened to be available in the U or R library.  Perfect.  Or is it?  I went to the library after class on Tuesday night only to discover it's missing so they have to search for it.  I don't really understand how they expect to find a book that hasn't been signed out in over a year.  Clearly it's not an Oprah Book Club pick.  They took my name and phone number and I haven't heard back from them.  Big shocker there.  Now, I debate whether I should buy the book off Amazon or choose another book and go through the whole painful process again.  I think that Amazon is looking pretty good right about now.

I won't even mention my running right's not going well.  I am just too tired to do anything and my Nike + receiver is still missing.  It's a great little tool until you lose half of it and render it useless.  I know that's a really bad excuse so I should still get myself on the treadmill and plan on doing that momentarily.  I feel like my Masters rhetoric is taking over in this post so please excuse the academic language.  I guess that attending a Master's class once a week is rubbing off on me..probably a good thing after speaking toddlerease for the past several months.

Last but not least, this lovely blog keeps me busy but at least I can do as little or as much as I want with it.  I have loved keeping up my blog and doing all these fun giveaways and posts about the best baby/toddler things out there so I hope you enjoy it too.  I am also excited for all the reviews and giveaways coming up in the next couple of months.  I've had some wonderful businesses offer to share their products with me and I am looking forward to writing about them.  It's really hard to keep it a secret!

Just a friendly and hopefully not annoying reminder to continue voting on Top Mommy Blogs.  I've been as high as #75 so it would be nice to climb up a bit higher but I need a few more votes and regular voters to get there. Thanks in advance!  Also, please check out and 'follow' some of the other Mom blogs I have listed as my favourite blogs in the right column of the page.  They share some fantastic ideas and viewpoints and it's always nice to hear about what other moms are up to.

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