Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone has a lovely Easter with family.  It's one of my favourite holidays because I love warmer weather and Easter always feel like the start of Spring even though the weather isn't always "Springy" yet.  In fact, this year we still have snow around even though Easter is later than usual but that should be gone soon.

So, the other day, I asked what everyone was giving their kids for Easter on my Facebook page and it seems like there is a huge range of opinions on Easter.  Some of us treat it like another gift giving holiday while others don't plan on giving anything at all.  Here's my opinion on this one.  Just like Christmas or Thanksgiving, I believe that getting together with family is the most important part of the holiday.

With that said, I feel obligated to at least replicate what we did when I was a child.  We all got Easter baskets from the Easter bunny and it included the eggs we had decorated the previous day along with a large chocolate Easter bunny and a variety of other Easter treats.  That is all we expected and we had fun looking for our Easter baskets.  Yep, that's right.  We didn't do an Easter egg hunt in our house.  We were big game Easter hunters and searched for the entire Easter basket.  I remember finding mine in the Lazy Susan one year.

I find it interesting that the concept of giving gifts on Easter is on the rise.  Admittedly, I have fallen into this trap of commercialism myself.  I try to reason that it's appropriate for babies since I clearly can't give chocolate or candy.  Instead, I am giving Aleena a book and her first large crayons...and I may be sticking the Blu Ray version of Bambi in her Easter basket too.  Yep, there ya go.  I have officially gone overboard.  I mean, really!  She doesn't know the difference.

As for Connor, he'll find some treats in his basket this year and his first set of washable markers.  I also bought him some Curious George books for his Easter basket.  He will be getting extra spoiled this year because I just happened to receive an item I am doing a review and giveaway for very soon.  Let's just say that he is going to love this particular Easter "gift" and I am also really looking forward to giving one of these away too!  There will be photos to come..holidays are so much fun when there are kids around to be excited about it.

So, whether you are into gift giving at Easter or not, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.  And, at the very least, colour a few Easter eggs..and better yet, organize a little Easter egg hunt for the kids because they'll love it and it'll help burn off some of that extra candy and chocolate energy.  That's my plan anyway..Happy Easter!!!

One last reminder that the 'GurlyStuff... and more' giveaway will end on Sunday.  I"ll announce the two winners on for a newsboy hat and one for a flower headband.  Click on the photo to enter the giveaway!

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