Friday, December 3, 2010

Aleena's First Christmas Dress

Aleena got her very first Christmas dress today.  Thanks to Jenna from Baby Chunky Cheeks for bringing over some dresses for Aleena to try on.  It's always difficult to get out with both kids to go shopping. I wish everyone delivered!

I have to little girl looks sooo pretty!


  1. You're welcome!! I think she looks great too, red really is her color!

  2. Awww so cute! M's is a black and white striped dress...

  3. Sooooooo pretty! I finally created an account so I could comment here :)

  4. She is adorable... the dress makes her look beautiful.... like her mamma!

  5. soo pretty! love the cute dress!

  6. Thanks girls! I can't wait to get the whole outfit together with some tights and a headband.

    Jenna, red is a geat colour on her for sure. Maybe we'll have to look for more red and less pink!

    Alisa, can't wait 'til you get yours either. YOu'll have to take a picture of Saige too...are you coming to Regina at all this Christmas?

    Megs, we should start a thread on wb to post our little girls' dresses. I would love to see your daughter's too.

    Penny, yay for joining us here! Are you "following" yet too? You should be able to click on the "follow" button in the right column now and then you can try using things like the Blogger Dashboard to read all your favourite blogs. (i.e. all the other April mommies of course)

    livsmom and Vanessa, thanks!! :-)

  7. Hi! She's beautiful and the dress is pretty too!

    Thanks for visiting me. Now I'm following you.

    I hope you have a great week! :)

  8. Wow she's so cute like a doll,and Christmas dress also so beautiful, thanks for sharing such a wonderful Blog...Keep it up..
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