Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Grammar of Choice is "Toddlerease"

I've been busy with my university class these past few days so this particular post will be low on words but high on cuteness.  I have a presentation on "A Grammar of Choice" next Tuesday.  It sounds dry and boring but I kind of lucked out since my chapter is a fairly easy read compared to the last couple.  I am convinced that some academics make up words like collocational, constrastive, corpus, and treatises just to make themselves sound more intelligent and increase their chances of having their articles published.  I frequent while reading some of the would be so much easier if we all just spoke "toddlerease".   Wouldn't it be easier to say "Want go lunch?" as opposed to the long drawn out "If you're available, would you be interested in going for lunch today around noon?"  Just sayin'.  Okay, must stop procrastinating and get back into the academic rhetoric that is an inevitable part of aftergrad classes.  Enjoy the photos!

Modelling yet another pair of BabyLegs

My reading materials hidden behind the couch by a certain little man.  I have varied tastes.

How can you tell that Mommy was at her university class?
Poor doggy
The Stink Eye
Hello, my name is Connor.  I am addicted to trains.

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  1. Those two look like they could get in a lot (or little) trouble together in the near future. Thanks for sharing, its always fun to see new pics of the niece & nephew!


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