Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Favourite Baby Things - Part Three

The following baby (and toddler) things are items that I bought but haven't had a chance to use yet.  A couple of them just arrived in the mail recently and others aren't needed yet for various reasons as you soon will find out.  However, they all look like excellent products and I look forward to trying them out.

Dapper Snappers

I am constantly pulling up Connor's pants and have been looking for solutions to this problem.  I am hoping that Dapper Snappers will be the answer to this problem for us.  They are woven through the loops of pants and then snap together to cinch the waistband.  I have yet to try them out but it sounds like a promising concept and I've heard good reviews about them.  I bought a set from as they are fairly pricey otherwise.  These are the Dapper Snappers that I received in the mail this week.  I put one of them through the back of Aleena's jeans to show how they are attached.  

Ally Zabba Blankets

I have been trying to find a special blanket that Connor will get attached to.  I have yet to succeed and it's resulted in buying way too many blankets!  The Ally Zabba blankets were featured on a few weeks ago and a lot of people were raving about how much their kids loved them.  I haven't actually taken the blankets out of the lovely organza pouches them came in.  I plan on using them as stocking stuffers so I want to keep them in the bags for now.  I took a picture of what they look like when they arrive in the mail.  The picture of the actual blankets is from the Ally Zabba website but they are identical to the colours/style that I purchased.  One side is made of silk and the other side is soft and plush.  Apparently babies are supposed to like the silky texture so we shall see!  These blankets cost about $35 each including the shipping cost.

Little Soles Shoes

I bought a couple pairs of Little Soles shoes when I saw them on Babysteals and I haven't been disappointed.  The ones I got also happen to be squeaky shoes although the squeaky parts are easily removable.  We took Connor's out because the squeaking made him really upset for some reason.  Here is a picture of one of the pairs I bought.  These will be for Aleena at about a year old.  They are cute, trendy and the soles are perfect for new walkers as they are flexible but sturdy enough to wear outdoors.  The quality of the material is excellent compared to many other kids' shoes that I've seen.  Ordering them through Babysteals cost about $21 per pair including the shipping cost.


I ordered these after a lot of consideration. In some ways, I like the fact that my two year old can't reach the lights.  On the other hand, I anticipate that I'll appreciate my future 2-5 year olds being able to turn the light on for bathroom trips.  I am guessing a lot of people leave the bathroom light on for toddlers so this will save us some energy and empower our little guy.  I don't plan on installing these immediately but we will likely begin using them when Connor is ready to go to the washroom by himself.  We may also put one in his bedroom because I often leave his light on so he can go in and out during the day.  This way, he can turn it on when he decides to go in his bedroom and the light will stay off otherwise.

Gimme Clips

Yes, I know my baby girl doesn't have any hair yet but a mommy can dream!  We are set for a while after I bought these adorable Gimme Clips.  With shipping included, each clip or set of barettes turned out to be $2/each.  I would spend that much anywhere else for clips and these are much better quality.  I was very impressed with the detail that went into each clip and the unique accents like the buttons in the photo below.

Future Gimme Clip Wearer Testimonial

"I don't have any hair yet but I know I am gonna look real cute in Gimme Clips!" - Aleena

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