Thursday, October 7, 2010

Favourite Baby Things - Part Deux

Here are a few more of my favourite baby products.  

Born to Love Hats
  • When I saw these adorable hats, I had to have them!  All I could think of was how cute my kiddos would look in a photo shoot with matching (sort of) hats.  Connor isn't a huge hat fan but he sometimes decides it's fun to wear.  I just haven't managed to get a picture of him with his hat on yet but he does like it which is impressive because it's hard to get him to wear hats.

 Katelyn & Co
  • This company makes really cute apparel for girls including these headbands.  They also offer a wide variety of other baby products and the quality is amazing.  Their pettiskirts were also featured on BabySteals and KidSteals earlier this year.  I nabbed one for Aleena's first birthday party.  Yes, I am planning in advance!

  • The next product has been likely the least useful for us so far.  I had great intentions in buying these sunglasses for my toddler but I wasn't able to convince him to actually wear them.  I am holding onto some hope that he'll wear them next summer and they won't be a total waste of money.  Of course, I am more than willing to put my little girl in blue so they might be hers instead.  Baby Banz also makes many other products including swim wear.  I bought the little outfit beflow for Aleena.  She hasn't tested it out yet but we're starting swimming lessons for her in November so her little outfit is ready to go.  It should fit her into next summer and I love the fact that it covers her up well so the nasty UV rays don't burn her sensitive baby skin.   I am also not really a fan of skimpy swimwear for baby girls so this was perfect.
  • I am taking a little break from Daily Deal website products now.   When I was trying to figure out how to create a gender neutral nursery, I came across some beautiful wall murals that I loved and still love.  Single Stone Studios has lots of beautifully designed wall murals that can be applied easily.  Okay, it wasn't really easy to apply but it wasn't that hard either.  Of course, I was just an observer of the application process so it looked easy from my vantage point.  Here's the tree that I fell in love with.  Grandma Kelly made us some pink birds to add to the tree.  They also make wall murals for any wall..not just nurseries.  I'll post a picture of one of my favourite non-nursery murals below as well.

The Ergo Baby Carrier
  • I had a very difficult time finding a baby carrier that I liked.  I bought a Snugli at a garage sale a couple years ago before I knew much about baby carriers.  Connor hated it and it has been sitting in the back of the closet since.  Then, I tried the Baby Trekker which worked well but was rather cumbersome to haul around and I never really got proficient at putting it on/taking it off quickly.  After I had Aleena, I tried a wrap type carrier called the Blue Celery.   She seemed to love it but I found it restrained my arms.  They felt like they were pinned to my side. It also didn't feel structured enough for me as it was simply some stretchy material that needs to be arranged in a certain way and I was never sure if I had it on right.  It felt like my baby could fall out at any time so I returned it and bought myself an Ergo carrier.  I am finally happy with a baby carrier.  It is comfortable for myself and my baby girl.  She often falls asleep in it and I appreciate how easy it is to put on.  I don't have to be a pro at the art of material folding to get it on just right.  I can just do up the belt at my waist, put my arms through the straps and clip it at the back.  Easy, convenient and comfortable.  This is why I love my Ergo.  The Ergo baby carriers are quite expensive and I paid full price.  I wish I would have known they were a regular product on BabySteals and I would have waited to get one half price.   They also have fun patterns and designs compared to the plain ones sold at our local baby store.  
The Blue Celery Wrap (She sure looks like she loves it.  In all fairness, my baby loved it but I found it was a bit restrictive for my upper arms and just not quite as secure as I would have liked.)
My Ergo Carrier (except I don't have the pretty pattern on my baby cover..mine is tan coloured)

There are many, many more products to be shared but that's all I've got for tonight. 

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