Friday, October 22, 2010

Favourite Baby Things - Numero Cinq

Despite what it might seem like, I don't buy everything that I adore.  Here are a few things I've come across online in the past few months and bookmarked for future reference.

The Owl Hat

If you want great handmade items in your choice of colours, then Trendy Babies is for you.  My personal favourite is their Owl Hat.  Like other companies, you can "like" them on Facebook or check out their website for a huge variety of products including bags, blankets, headbands, boots, shoes and much more.  Of course, the fact they are a Canadian company is a huge bonus.

The Wheatfield

Yes, I'm a prairie girl so maybe that's why The Wheatfield appeals to me.  The items are sold through Etsy which I am sure you all know is a place for individuals to sell their handmade goodies.  I haven't become obsessed with Etsy like some but I still enjoy checking out the different Etsy shops to see what's available on occasion.   I love the designs from The Wheatfield shop and envision this particular one in my little girl's nursery.   It would go so well with her tree and birds!

Elephants on the Wall sells DIY paint-by-number wall murals.  They were featured on KidSteals a couple months ago and I had to restrain myself from buying the one of a girl on a swing.  I still love it but I know my very artistic and talented mother-in-law could do an even better job if I just show her the mural.  Before that happens, we have to repaint part of Aleena's nursery anyway so I'll just dream for now.  It can be a future project as part of her little girl room.

I had to practice great restraint the other day when BabySteals had Andee Lew long sleeved onesie's for sale.  I rarely see good quality, simple baby clothing without logos, patterns or designs.  Their long-sleeved onesies are perfect for winter layering.  When I look through my baby's clothing, I see lots of cute outfits but it's hard to mix and match.  Cute outfits are great for going out but it's all about comfort when we hang around the house which is really what we do most of the time and I don't expect that to change with winter ahead of us.

These were on BabySteals today.   No, I did not buy one but I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted.  Fortunately, my favourite of the bunch, the tortoise, sold out quickly and took the decision out of my hands. It's a fun idea though...stuff animal to pillow to blanket.  They have lots of other cute animals which you can check out on their webpage.  Zoobies come in three sizes: baby, regular and jumbo.  Kind of a fun idea for a Christmas gift!

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