Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shoppin' in Style!

As promised, here's my first update on my resolution to use resuable shopping bags.  I am actually doing really well!  I did my first full grocery trip last Tuesday and only used reusable bags and, honestly, I loved it.  I much prefer their durability and the fact that you can fit a whole lot more into a reusable bag.  It also feels good to reduce the number of plastic bags in my life. 

It hasn't been a problem at regular checkouts although I got asked if I forgot to purchase my diapers at a self checkout which kind of offended me.  I had purchased them at another store and because I didn't have a store labelled bag, the checkout supervisor thought I had "forgot" to pay for them.  That was a good learning experience for me though as I will be sure to have my receipts handy without the plastic "proof" another store's plastic bags provides.

Earlier this week, I received the pouch of Envirosax I had purchased from Baby Heist.  Elmo is adorable but it's nice to have my own set of grown up bags.  They are so gorgeous that I almost don't want to use them!  I might have to do self-checkout more because I am afraid the baggers are going to gets my shopping bags dirty.  It's a good thing they are washable!  I took a couple photos of the two bags I used was a small trip.  There are five bags in a set which is more than enough for a full grocery trip especially when you consider that things like milk jugs don't need to be bagged.

Here are a couple photos of my new Envirosax!

Reusable shopping bag from the Candy Series
Close up of Envirosax bag

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