Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reality Bites

I am convinced I had it easy with my first Master's class.  Now, I have been hit with the harsh reality of it all.  There's the impossible to find journal articles, elusive textbooks, a dreaded academic book review and enough doctorate-level vocabulary to make my head whirl.

Okay..I suppose I should clarify a bit of that.  First, the journal articles weren't THAT hard to find but there's lots of them and it has taken a bit of work.  It seemed like a really unnecessary scavenger hunt since the professor had obviously chosen the articles and had access to them all at one point.  They are also 20-30 pages long each so our printer had to work overtime to finish off all those print jobs!

I posted a photo of my wonderful organization.  I printed out all our required readings and labelled the topics for each week to save myself some time.  Don't be overly impressed, I have yet to print any optional readings.  I am not sure if a mommy of two young ones is an optional reading kind of gal but I AM an overacheiver so we shall see.

Second, the textbook is only elusive because I didn't buy it advance.  However, I made a valiant effort to get it on Saturday when I drove to the opposite end of the city through snowbanks and skating rinks only to discover the university book store is NOT open on weekends.  It is only open on weekdays from 8:30-4:30 pm.  Not exactly ideal hours for a mommy of two wee ones.  Unless they want me towing my two babes through their hallowed halls, they might want to consider extending those hours for us older part-timers.   As a result, I ordered it through Amazon.ca for twenty dollars less and will just have to make do without my text for another week of class.  Life will go on.

Third, the academic book review...yes, I am dreading it as I have never written one before.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  My first task is to choose an academic book to review...

Lastly, the vocabulary making my head whirl...I have decided to focus on the main points and listen very carefully during class.  Thankfully, there is no final exam so that might just save me.  I also have a glimmer of hope that the more I read, the easier it will get and maybe I'll learn a few new words along the way.  Of course, it doesn't make it easier to concentrate with a nine month old playing with my feet.  I distracted her with a shoe...close enough.

Last but not least, I am posting a couple photos of the ridiculous amount of snow in our backyard.  Will it ever stop?!  It's only January and there's likely a lot more to come and we are running out of places to put it.

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  1. Thanks for checking back Lise! Thanks for entering the giveaway contest. :-)


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