Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Year in Photos

It wouldn't be New Year's Day without a little reflection.  Since a photo can tell many stories on its own, I selected one photo for each month of this year to tell our family's story.  To any fellow mommy bloggers (or daddy bloggers for that matter), post the link to your own blog post of 'Our Year in Photos' in the comments and we'll all visit each other!

January - 25 Weeks Pregnant 
(Excuse the expression..I was starting to feel huge and not happy about it.)
February - Go Canada!
March - Family Photos
April - Aleena arrives!
May - First Smiles
June - Father's Day
July - Connor Looking Handsome!
August - A Hot Day!
September - Fall Photos in the Park
October - Our Little Knight and Monster
November - Go Riders Go!
December - Merry Christmas!
There were so many photos to choose from that I could probably do this a few more times! I hope that 2011 holds as many wonderful memories for us and for you. Happy New Year!

'Our Year in Photos' Posts from Various Mom Bloggers!  Just add your link here..  Please visit other Moms, comment and follow.

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  1. Trudy - LOVE the idea of looking back over the past year (so I just had to do it!). Here's a link to mine

  2. Love it! Another copy cat here.

  3. Love your little family :) I'm copying too!

  4. I did copy all of you too! Here's the link:

    Thanks Trudy!

  5. Our year in photos


    Here`s me!

  7. Thanks for the idea Trudy. Just added my link up top.


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