Monday, December 20, 2010

A Photo Journey through the Christmas Tree

I love decorating the Christmas tree and every year I remember why.  As I put up the ornaments, each one brings back a special memory.  Here's a little photo journal of the memories that came back to me tonight.
Our Christmas tree.  A little sad as we got it late but it's happy to have a home with us.
The angel we put on the top of our tree every year since Jeremy and I have had Christmas together.
My Mom bought me this ornament the year I moved back to Canada after living in Taiwan for four years.  She was very happy to have me home and I was glad to be home too of course.
Of course we're huge football fans.  A Christmas tree can tell a lot about a person!
We bought our house together in 2003.  We did things a bit backward by starting with home ownership.
Another new home ornament.
I got my education degree in 2005 and taught elementary for the first couple years.  I got a LOT of wonderful Christmas ornaments as gifts from students including this one.
Another gift from a student.
We got our dog, Bailey, in March 2005.
Connor's First Christmas Ornament
My first new ornament of the year thanks to another April Mommy.  Thanks Sarah!
I'm sure we'll have lots of ornaments to add in the years to come including a First Christmas ornament for Aleena this year.  Our Christmas tree is definitely a hodge podge of colours and themes but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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