Monday, December 6, 2010

Choo Choo! All aboard the holiday train!

I think this picture is self-explanatory.
Connor has been obsessed with trains for months so we couldn't pass up this opportunity to check out a real, live train up close.   The CPR holiday train travels through cities all over Canada and the US to raise food and money for the local food banks.  The train has lots of pretty lights for babies/toddlers to stare at and live entertainment to keep the adults interested.  The music tonight was being performed by the Odds and they did a good job considering the frigid temperatures.  Was it worth bundling up the kids?  It was this year although I doubt we'll go next year unless it's a bit warmer.   If you are wondering when it comes to your city, there's a schedule of the CPR's website.  It's worth a trip to check it out and make a donation to your local food bank.
Mommy and Aleena all bundled up!
The snow!  It's broken!
A kind stranger took this family photo.
A nice view of the Christmas lights on the train cars.
Okay, we're home now...get me outta here!
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