Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas in Photos

We arrived home safely tonight after yet another busy Christmas. The first two nights of our trip were very, very tiring but we persevered and managed to have a very successful third night with both kids sleeping through the night. It was wonderful to see so much of both our families especially with all the babies and toddlers who make traveling more of a challenge. Most of all, it was wonderful to see my grandparents have so much fun with their great grandkids. Aleena absolutely loved tugging on her great grandpa's remaining hair!

Here are just a few of my favourite photos from the holidays.

My baby girl and I...poor baby had a runny nose for the holidays.
Aleena in front of the Christmas tree in her pajamas.
Aleena in her Christmas dress.
Striking a pose!
It was a rough first couple of nights away from home.
Connor wasn't loving the camera this Christmas but here he is in front of the tree on Christmas morning.
Poor Bailey was tired too.
Uh oh!
I want a hippopautamus for Christmas...
Christmas Chihauhau (aka Myloh)

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