Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Jaid Creations Giveaway Winner is..

Melissa Robinson-Arezzi!  Congratulations! 

Thanks to everyone that entered this giveaway..especially those who entered twice after Blogger had its issues.  At least you were all rewarded with some bonus entries in the end as they did finally restore all those comments yesterday.  Jaime-Lynn of Jaid Creations would love to make your little one a tutu and she is very fast and efficient at her job!

One of the things I love about her shop aside from the friendly customer service are the wide variety of colours and styles available.  She will make pretty much anything you ask and is willing to try new things.  Also, the quality is excellent and it is something that should last for at least a couple years as the waist band is a good quality elastic with a good amount of stretch to it.  If you're from Saskatchewan, you clearly need to get yourself a Rider tutu like Aleena''s football season next month already after all.  Of course, if you happen to cheer for another sport or team, she could certainly make a tutu in your favourite teams colours too.

Here's her Facebook page again so you can check out the large variety available: Jaid Creations Facebook Page.

Her prices are as follows:

Hand Knotted Tutu:
Newborn up to 2 years $15
2 years up to 4 years $20
4 years up to 6 years $25

Petti Tutus or 3-tiered tutus, add $5 to the above price
Photographer Newborn Tutu $15
Ribbon Wound Waist, add $3
Detachable Flower on Alligator Clip, add $3
Shipping anywhere in Canada is $4/tutu (this covers all my mailing expenses)

You can order via e-mail at  

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  I am enjoying the downtime but wish the weather was better.  It seems like we always get poor weather for May long weekend so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Finally, keep voting on Top Mommy Blogs and check back tomorrow for another giveaway.  I'll do one tomorrow and another on Monday since I've got the time to blog this weekend and a few giveaways coming up!  I am excited to share the next couple of giveaways with you.  One is a product for everyone..both boys and girls of all ages.  The other is very focused on the tween and teen girl population so be sure to check it out.

Have a great night!

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