Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to Work!

Aleena is 1 = Back to Work!
Yep, that's right.  I'm a mommy, a blogger, and about to be a full-time teacher again.  I guess I should be thankful that I had an extra month for my maternity leave because Aleena was born a bit early and then it happened to be Easter break this week.   However, I think that maternity leave always feels much too short.  It's hard to adjust going back to work and it's also difficult to be away from your little ones when they've been the focus of your life for such a long time.

It makes me feel sad but I am also excited to re-enter the world of adults and young adults.  I absolutely love my job and feel like it's an important part of who I am.  I also have a whole family of students at school that are very important to me and I am looking forward to teaching them again!  I know that we'll all be okay but I also know it's going to take some time for that to happen.  I feel comfortable with our daycare and they've spent a few days there already this month.  I went to school for a morning to figure out what's going on.  Really, everything is set and ready to go from a technical aspect.

I am a bit concerned about getting up earlier in the morning and actually transporting the kids to the daycare...we'll be getting up early.  I am taking the advice of some fellow mommies and prepping in advance.  I will get their clothes ready tonight so all we have to do is change them and get them in the car!   They will eat breakfast at daycare so that helps especially since it takes them forever to eat anything.  I am also going to get my lunch packed up tonight so I am not rushing to do that in the morning too.

I am not at all complaining about having to go back to work but there is a sense of sadness that this year is over.  On the upside, I only have to work for two months until summer holidays are here!   I know we survived before when I went back to work after we had Connor and we will again.  I also know the next week or two could be quite stressful as I try to figure out my new schedule, classes, routine, students, etc.

I really hope that the kids both adapt well...Aleena did better than Connor for the few days they went this past month.  Hopefully, he'll get used to everything and actually starting napping there.  So many things to think about (worry about)'s easy to tell everyone else it's going to be okay and I know it's just going to take some time.  Wish me luck!


  1. I am following all the same steps you are... ready for work tomorrow! Just hard to leave a sick little girl! Good luck Trudy!!!

  2. Oh no! She's sick?! We can compare notes tomorrow night in between the election results.

  3. Good luck Trudy!! I've taken the advice too - both Drew's and my clothes are ready for the morning, lunches are packed and we are ready to go! I'm feeling the same as you - sad to leave Drew - but looking forward to re-entering the world of adults!

  4. Good luck at work tomorrow Trudy!


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