Monday, May 30, 2011

Appreciating the little things...

I think that we sometimes get so caught up in life that we forget to appreciate the little things.  This post is about the little things I love about my kids..and because I'm tired after a long day at work and longer day after work, it's going to be in bullet form.
  • Aleena's big smiles.
  • How Connor says "pretty please" when he wants something.
  • When Connor gives me big hugs and won't let go and I have to literally peel him off of me.
  • How Aleena gets excited when her shoes squeak.
  • That Connor put Aleena's tutu on his head and ran around the house.
  • When I had trouble getting a shirt over Connor's head and told him his head was too big.  He replied that "Connor wants a small head!".
  • How Aleena chases the dog around and giggles when he licks her face.
  • That Connor has to give Aleena a kiss everytime he gets in trouble for making her sad.
  • How Connor gets upset when Aleena cries and always tries to cheer her up with a toy or smiles.
  • That Aleena loves her brother dearly and he gets her biggest smiles.
  • How my dog whines and cries when the kids cry (probably because of the noise but it's still sort of sweet albeit annoying).
  • How Connor has to sleep with Winnie the Pooh....who was fortunately recovered after being momentarily lost at Sears.
  • How Connor and Aleena laugh and giggle at each other just because.
The list is endless...

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  1. Finally getting caught up on your blog!! Love this entry :)


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