Friday, June 29, 2012

My Mammatus Clouds on Atlantic CTV News!

Well, I have to thank Leigh Redstone, a fellow April Mommy and owner of Butterfly Bows, for sharing my post-storm clouds from Tuesday with Atlantic CTV News.  I loved the way the photo was presented and we enjoyed watching the news from all the way across the country.  My favourite parts were where they zoomed on the map over to Regina's weather which was this one special isolated waether report and then gave a shout out to the Riders.  Clearly, the Maritimers know which team to cheer for!   I'll add my own "Go Riders Go!" as they play their first regular season game tonight in Hamilton.

Someday, I will visit the Maritimes and the wonderful people that live there.  Also, thank you to Cindy Day for sharing the photo is such a fun and light hearted way.  It made my day!  (No pun intended.)

Here's the video that was aired...thanks for videotaping it Leigh!  I wonder if I can get a clearer version from their website tomorrow too?

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  1. Love it! Sorry i didn't watch the news and see your debut on Atlantic TV! BTW, your next trip MUST be to Atlantic Canada - would love for the kiddies to have a beach day with their fellow "month" babies!


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