Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Love Regina "Fun" Run

So the I Love Regina 10 Km race I did last Sunday wasn't exactly the "fun" run I had hoped it would be.  I persevered (perhaps against my best judgment) and ran the race but my head cold and subsequent sinus infection have made me regret it.  I felt pretty crummy during the run but was still able to keep up a decent pace.  I won't run a race again if I feel like that though.  It's hard to even explain the feeling of running into a stiff wind with a stuffed up head....let's just say that it wasn't pleasant.

As for time, my goal was to finish in less than 50 minutes.  If I had been healthy, I might have acheived this goal.  I ended up finishing in just over 51 minutes. I don't know my exact time because it was a fun run and there weren't any timing chips.  Since the whole race was kind of disappointing..mostly because I've felt awful since, I am going to try again on July 1st in Moose Jaw.  I haven't run any races in Moose Jaw before so I am looking forward to some new scenery.  As much as I love Wascana Park, it will be refreshing to take in some new sights!

In other news, tomorrow is the last day classes at our high school and we're onto final exams next week.  It's been a rough couple of weeks since I've been sick so I am glad that classes will be over tomorrow and I can rest up and hopefully feel better for exam/timetabling/meeting week.  Maybe everything will come together and I will be healthy AND it will actually stop raining for more than a few hours at a time.  I have hope!

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