Sunday, November 20, 2011

You don't look a day over 20...

..or so my students say!  Of course, I am quite sure my co-worker fed that lie to them when they made me birthday cards last week.  Most don't speak English very well so I know they didn't come up with that little gem on ther own.  Yes, yesterday was my birthday and I hit an age that sort of felt strange for me.  I am getting closer to 40 now and that is kind of scary.  No offense to the 40 year olds of the are fantastic people.  I appreciate the maturity and sense of self that 40 year olds seem to have in general. 

Any guesses how old I am yet?  I am also that age where women are supposed to start getting tested for all sorts of genetic abnormalities if they are pregnant.  Yep, I'm 35 and it makes me reflect on how I arrived here and what the plans are for the future. I didn't really expect to have a 1 year old and 3 year old when I was 35 but life seems to take us on unexpected paths and I don't regret a thing so this is where I belong.  Living in Australia for a year, then in Taiwan for four years and then doing a second degree for my second career in education all fit perfectly with what I wanted.  Really, if I just go ahead and subtract my years overseas, then I'm only 30 and that's sort of how I feel.  Aging overseas doesn't count, does it?

So Connor is standing next to me right now and said that his stuffed rabbit couldn't come to the party because it didn't have a present for me.  He's so funny.  Speaking of presents, I got Johnny Reid for my birthday.  Welll, I didn't actually get HIM but I got tickets to his concert next spring.  I am looking forward to an evening of country crooning from a cute Scottish Canadian.

Of course, I also bought myself a new sweater and jacket at The Gap.  I posted a photo of the new jacket on my Facebook Page since I pinned my new items on Pinterest.  I wasn't convinced it was a great deal when I was ready to throw my items on the floor and leave without them after standing in line for nearly an hour.   I was NOT impressed when I finally reached the front of the line and the manager told the cashier he needed to do an exchange on that till.  Ummm..hello!!  There are two tills on the other side and only one here.  He almost incited a pre-Christmas shopping riot.  I am usually a very pleasant customer since I worked in retail for a few months and know what a crappy job it can be at times.  However, when he didn't even address me before interjecting and then proceeded to use the till for ten minutes...I was not impressed and vowed to do the rest of my shopping online!  I have relaxed my views however and plan on doing some post-work, pre-daycare pick up shopping instead on weekdays.  I used to be more patient...but watch out world because now I'm 35!

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