Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Playful Peanut Giveaway Winner is...

Lyne Grimes!  Congrats are one lucky girl!  You will receive $25 to spend towards Playful Peanut merchandise as well as a balloon cocoon as featured in my previous blog post.

Thanks for all the entries.  Playful Peanut is really a great place to look for stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts in general.  I may have to order one of those Super Hero capes for my son.  He would absolutely love it.  I am just a little afraid of what sorts of super powers he may acquire while wearing it!

You can order items through their Etsy Shop or website and ask lots of questions via their Facebook page.  Here are the accompanying links:  Website, Etsy shop and Facebook Page.  Also, Kari-Ann and Amanda have mentioned traveling around to some craft shows in Manitoba so keep your eyes out for them as Christmas approaches!

Hope everyone had a fun I just need to get ready for Christmas and Black Friday in particular.  I am going to create another post again this year regarding Black Friday so watch for that!  It's a great way to get your Christmas shopping done online and take advantage of some amazing deals.

Lastly, if you could take a moment to visit the Circle of Moms website and vote for my blog, I'd really appreciate it!  You can technically vote once per day for any (or all) of the Canadian blogs you enjoy!


  1. You're welcome! Can't wait to see Gabby's new cape...would be an awesome Christmas gift!


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