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Z99 Radiothon Auction Information for 2012

Hi everyone!  First of all, thanks for participating in this auction and helping to raise money for such a good cause.  Last year, I learned that Facebook is definitely not Ebay so please be patient if we encounter any difficulties. Here's what you need to know!   

Time:  The auction will begin at 7 pm Saskatchewan Time on Thursday, March 8th and end on Sunday, March 11th at 5 pm SK Time.  I will be using Facebook time to determine last minute bids.  I will offer time reminders as the end of the auction approaches especially for those of you not from Saskatchewan. 

  To place a bid, simply enter the amount you are willing to pay under the photo.  Each item has a minimum bid and you may not start lower than that bid.  Please increase bids by at least $2 so we're not quibbling over a few cents.  

Questions about items:
  You can contact businesses via their contact information or ask myself if you need clarification about anything.  I listed quite a bit of information as well as websites, facebook pages, and etsy sites so you can refer to those to help you with deciding on what you'd like and how much to bid.

: Some businesses have indicated local pickup only.  If that is NOT indicated, that means the sponsors are willing to provide free shipping to the winning bidder (within Canada).  There are no additional shipping costs.  Some sponsors have also indicated they will ship to the US.

I will be accepting the payments via a PayPal donations link that I will send to winning bidders at the end of the auction.  I will contact winning bidders via Facebook messaging to confirm the amount owed.  Winning bidders will have until Tuesday, March 13th at 9 pm Saskatchewan Time to deposit the amount via PayPal or we can arrange for cash/cheque drop off locally.  I will take names and addresses for bids over $10 so the Radiothon may issue tax receipts.  If I do not receive the payment in time, I will contact the next highest bidder.  Once I receive payments, I will notify the sponsor and provide them with the winner's name and address so they can arrange shipment/pickup.

Auction protocol:
As with any auction, please only bid if you intend to pay.  No bid deleting is allowed.  Once you make a bid, it must stand.

Z99 Donation Interview:  I will be doing an interview on March 15th at 4:15pm on Z99 Radio Regina and will present the total donations at that time.

Last but not least, have fun!  Let's try to raise as much money as we can for the NICU and remember that you are kind of getting a bonus item and a tax receipt for your donation so please be generous.  Also, feel free to compliment and thank sponsors shamelessly.

Here are the sponsors!
Baby Chunky Cheeks - Regina, SK
Jenna Rae Photography - Regina, SK
Simply Knitted Together - Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Feltlikecelebrating - Christchurch, New Zealand
AlligatorSnaps - Toronto, Ontario
Audett & Evlor - Toronto, Ontario
PURSEnal Trends - Regina, SK
It all started with a BOW - Winnipeg, MB
Scentsy by Kara Friebel - Regina, SK
Yesterdays You Esthetics - Regina, SK 
Nellia's Designs - Regina, SK
Hello Gorgeous - Regina, SK

The Sling Sisters - Winnipeg, MB

Jaid Creations - Brandon, MB

Laura's Vinyl Art & Decor - Regina, SK
Kiddo Designs - Drayton, ON 

Lil Divas Bowtique - Whitby, ON
J9 Design - Regina, SK 
lia sophia Jewellery (Crystal Pearce) - Regina, SK
Way 2 Grow - Regina, SK
OnlyGreen (Pamela Munson) - Regina, SK 
Everything Mom and Baby - Toronto, ON 
Butterfly Bows - Dartmouth, NS 
Skincerity (Rita Holowenko) - Regina, SK 
Cute D Tails - Newmarket, ON
Of course, the more sponsors we have, the more money we can raise for the NICU at the Regina General Hospital.  I would love to add more businesses to this list.  You can contact me via e-mail at:

Other important links:

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