Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Big Radio Interview!

This year, I had the opportunity to do a "donation interview" with Z99 to discuss the online auction I did on my Facebook page and to thank some sponsors for their generous donations. I wish I could have listed everyone that helped out but I have feeling they would have dragged me off the stage if I had!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first but it wasn't my first interview "on air" so I felt fairly comfortable.  I had to do some TV promotional interviews for a summer job a few years ago so maybe that helped prepare me!

Anyway, the great news I was able to announce "on air" was that the final total donated was actually $1066.11 thanks to some fantastic co-workers that donated more than $200 once all was said and done.  Really, this year's fundraising efforts were through the roof for Z99 as they raised an all time best at around $716,000.  It's amazing how a bit of momentum can get donations rolling!  I am just proud that I was able to help out!

I couldn't list all of the sponsors on the radio, but I can certainly thank them again here!  If you are reading this, thanks so much.  Each and everyone of you made this event the success it was regardless of the size of the donation.  I just love seeing how the auction photo album will come together and it looked fantastic again this year.  I hope you will consider supporting this wonderful cause again next year!

Thank you to the following...
Baby Chunky Cheeks - Regina, SK
Jenna Rae Photography - Regina, SK
Simply Knitted Together - Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Feltlikecelebrating - Christchurch, New Zealand
AlligatorSnaps - Toronto, Ontario
Audett & Evlor - Toronto, Ontario
PURSEnal Trends - Regina, SK
It all started with a BOW - Winnipeg, MB
Scentsy by Kara Friebel - Regina, SK
Yesterdays You Esthetics - Regina, SK 
Nellia's Designs - Regina, SK
Hello Gorgeous - Regina, SK

The Sling Sisters - Winnipeg, MB
Jaid Creations - Brandon, MB
Laura's Vinyl Art & Decor - Regina, SK
Kiddo Designs - Drayton, ON 
Lil Divas Bowtique - Whitby, ON

J9 Design - Regina, SK 

lia sophia Jewellery (Crystal Pearce) - Regina, SK

Way 2 Grow - Regina, SK

OnlyGreen (Pamela Munson) - Regina, SK 

Everything Mom and Baby - Toronto, ON 

Butterfly Bows - Dartmouth, NS 

Skincerity (Rita Holowenko) - Regina, SK

Cute D Tails - Newmarket, ON

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  1. Good for you, helping to make such a great contribution!

    I did my first radio interview last winter and I spent weeks being incredibly nervous for what amounted to about three minutes of airtime!


    Kate @ This Mom Loves


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