Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Smiley Babies

I just had a week off work and it's been lovely to relax and have a bit of time to rejuvenate.  I can somewhat deal with the few weeks left in my Masters class in knowing that there are only four months left in the school year.  Really, work is manageable when I'm not taking a class at the same time so I expect life to be a bit easier after Easter Break.

I have to admit that I sometimes question whether or not I should work full time.  Like most things in life, there's no perfect answer to this question.  For now, I'll get through the next 6 weeks or so and then the hard part is over for this year. Speaking of which, I still have three articles to read for Tuesday night and evenings are prime time for reading..that, and watching the Oscars tonight!  It's all about multi-tasking. 

There's very little point to this post except to share a few adorable photos of my "babies".  It only takes one of these smiles to make my heart melt.

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