Thursday, September 8, 2011

She walks!

Okay, I realize that it was inevitable but she's almost 17 months old so there was a fair amount of excitement to learn that my baby girl walks.  That's right..I was at work when this revelation occurred.  I wasn't even the one that picked her up at daycare today.  That privelege went to my hubby who saw a baby walking around and didn't even realize it was his!  Granted, we saw Aleena take one little step a couple weeks ago but there's been no sign of upright walking since.  According to Jeremy, she stood up on her own and just started walking across the room when he got there.  It was almost as if she'd been doing it for weeks.  I guess we were right when we said we thought it was a confidence issue. 

I am very happy to see her walk!  Everyone tells me it's great when they aren't walking and I hear what they're saying but it's not always the best consolation when you're baby still isn't walking at this age.

Here are a couple cute videos we took tonight.  I used my cell phone so the quality isn't the best but you'll get the idea.  I was trying really hard not to laugh when she kept falling down.  I have to give her credit.  She is one determined litle girl!


  1. AWWW! YAY Aleena! She is so happy to be a walker!

  2. Aww that is too cute! I remember when my son first started walking, I had his ball popper toy on and he wanted it more than anything. He got up and just kept on going. After that, he was a walker! :) I'm new to this blog by the way, but very cute content!

  3. Thanks girls! So excited..she is walking everywhere now. Funny how she went from nothing to walking in a day.

    Amanda, welcome to my blog!


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