Sunday, September 11, 2011

QCM Half Marathon Race

Today was the big race day! I finished the QCM half marathon. In case that wasn't enough, our family attended the post-race brunch, watched the Rider game, celebrated Connor's 3rd birthday and I managed to do some laundry too. I officially have no energy and desperately need to go to bed. I will wait until I have some photos to post and then provide a bit more info on the race. If nothing else, perhaps I can convince some of you to do it next year! Oh, and if any random stranger wants to know why I always hold up different numbers on my fingers at the finish line, they represent the ages of my kids. Not sure what I'll do when Connor turns 6 but I am sure I'll figure something out in the next 3 years (or more depending on when the race is).

Here are the detailed split times for the race. As you can see, I started out strong and was very happy with my race and sort of struggled a bit near the end. Honestly, I thought I was even slower than these split times indicate at the end so I am pretty proud of myself for keeping my sore, tired legs at a sub 9:30 pace!

QCM Half Marathon Race by skrunningmom at Garmin Connect - Details

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