Monday, September 5, 2011

My Crazy Life

Check out the title on this journal article!
So it maybe be the Labour Day holiday but I have taken the day to print out my journal articles for my Masters class.  I am also working on laundry, making supper and that sort of thing.

Back to the journal articles, I haven't finished printing them all and my 3" binder is already busting at the seams.  I have no idea when I will read all of these materials.  The only consolation seems to be that they appear somewhat interesting, most have a large font size and white space is ample in some cases.

I am just feeling a bit stressed out right now.  Work is going all right for the most part.  I am a bit frustrated by the lack of resources for the classes I'm teaching but I'm working on it.  It's so difficult to teach EAL classes when you don't know the students very well too.  I am finding one of my classes quite a challenge and need to totally revamp what I wanted to do this semester.  Imagine starting a class with your plans in place and then meeting the students and realizing that your plans must completely change.  We'll be all right...I am very flexible!

Of course, I am taking another Masters class.  I actually don't feel particularly stressed about it but I know it'll take time and keep me busy.  My class is about teaching reading and writing to second language learners.  It's pretty much what I do everyday so I can relate and make some real connections with the research material.  I realize this may sound a bit nerdy but it's nice to feel like you have a real grasp on what has been proven to work.

What else?  I am going to run the Queen City Half Marathon next weekend.  I feel pretty good about my training overall.  It could have been better but I was sick for most of July and then I have calf strain issues.  Luckily, my leg is much better now.  It's still a bit sore from time to time but I am blaming the pain and strain on wearing old shoes.  I didn't think about it much but I've felt a LOT better since I started wearing my new runners.  Once again...there was much disappointment but I try to be realistic.  I had hoped to train hard this summer and work towards a personal best or get back to where I used to be.  I am not there but then I think about my lovely two children and how hard I've been working in many aspects of my life and then I give myself a break.  I am doing just fine.

And I think that's an important message to keep in mind.  People..and Moms in particular often focus on what we aren't doing right.  I think that parenting and teaching are very similar in some ways.  The sky is the limit.  You can work your butt off to be perfect all the time and do everything for your kids and worry about what you aren't doing OR you can be thankful for what you have and appreciate all the positive things that you are doing.

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  1. What are you completing your Masters in? Mine is in Human Development and Applied Psychology. I only have one course left to take. And I know exactly what you mean about printing off the research papers. They take up so much space!

    New follower from Canadian Blog Hop


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