Sunday, August 21, 2011

Symphony Under the Sky

We joined hundreds of other Reginans later this afternoon and attended Symphony Under the Sky.  It's a fun way to listen to the Regina Symphony Orchestra outdoors and enjoy plenty of other family festivities.  They had an "Instrument Petting Zoo" which Jeremy and I probably found even more fun than the kids did.  Neither of us had ever tried to hold or play a violin before so that was interesting!

We only stayed at the park for a couple hours as the kids were a bit fussy and there were wasps buzzing around.  The kids settled down after we bribed them with french fries so we managed to enjoy the last half an hour or so.  I know..bad mommy..but sometimes, you do what you have to.  They both sat very nicely and ate their fries and Connor did a great job of sharing with Aleena too.  I was quite impressed with him!

The concert was lovely and I really enjoyed the music as well as the informative dialogue that went along with it.  It was a perfect day for the event and look forward to attending it again...we'll just keep trying and maybe we can stay longer next time.  I watched the people next to us with envy.  Their 6-7 year old sat nicely while Mom and Dad reclined on the blanket and relaxed.  Someday, that will be us..right?

I took some video of Aleena when she first heard the symphony start to play. Unfortunately, the cell phone didn't pick up the sounds outdoors but I wanted to share anyway. She turns her head towards the orchestra and starts to groove a little.

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