Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kidorable really is adorable!

With the favourable exchange rate of late, I felt the need to take advantage of the strong Canadian dollar.  At least that's what I tell myself.  That, and neither of the kids have rain coats.  I realize that summer is coming to an end but I bought a size up so these ones can be used next year as well.  Now, I just need to wait for the coordinating rubber boots to show up.  I bought these raincoats on Mamabargains by the way.  Their photos online really don't do them justice.  They are way more cute in person and they even arrived with matching hangers.  I admit it seems a bit overboard but they are really cute and a nice touch.

I got Aleena the cat themed rain coat even though I don't particularly like cats.  Sorry to all the cat lovers out there but we are tormented by our neighbour's THREE cats on a daily basis and they have murdered several birds this year.   Anyway, sorry for that no-so-pleasant tangent.  I chose her jacket because I love the style and the cat in question is clearly okay with at least fish, butterflies, and flowers. 

 As for Connor's jacket, he actually picked it out himself.  I tried to convince him to choose the fireman jacket but he was set on the green frog.  I have to admit that it's pretty cute too and the eyes are actually huge bubble eyes stuck onto the jacket.  He hasn't seen it yet but I'm sure he'll love his new rain coat.  As I said before, now we just need the matching rubber boots and he'll be ready to go.

This isn't really a review post per say but I will give a general shout out to Kidorable for making what seems like a very good quality rain jacket with solid snaps and a great design.  I realize that packaging isn't everything but I have learned that packaging often shows how much care and attention is put into a product on whole.  Kidorable's packaging is excellent and you feel like you've received a quality product when it arrives in the mail.  It's folded carefully with tissue paper to keep it from sticking together and of course the matching hanging is the finishing touch.

Since they sent the aforementioned fancy hangers along, I thought I'd post a photo of the coats hanging up as well.  Ignore our vintage 70s decor.  We have great plans to renovate someday...once the kids are a bit older and stop wrecking everything in sight.  By the way, Kidorable's website is simply  I am too cheap to pay regular price for these but have seen them a couple times on Mamabargains.  If you happen to see the Rubber Boots posted, let me know.  I need to nab a couple of pairs.

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