Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Support Teachers (Matt Damon at Save our Schools)

So here's what I propose.  How about we as a society value our teachers the same way we value other professionals?  All teachers have one degree..many have two degrees and several have Masters degrees.  Others also hold trade certificates such as mechanics, welding, carpentry or esthestics.  Many have exceptional talents in areas such as athletics, arts, dance, drama, music, woodworking, construction, mechanics, or languages.  Teachers are life-long learners.  We attend professional development seminars and courses in areas such as assessment, technology, and restitution.  As teachers, we love what we do.  We love to mentor, inspire, care and motivate.  Teaching is sharing.

I absolutely love that Matt Damon has taken it upon himself to support teachers in a very public way.  In the following video, he speaks at a Save Our Schools rally in Washington.  Thank You to Matt Damon and everyone else that supports teachers and lets teachers know that they are appreciated for all the hard work that they do.

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