Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The First Day of School

As the title suggests, it was the first day of school for students today.  It was a very nice day for me as I mostly have higher level classes which means I know almost everyone.  I only had three new students today and the rest were familiar faces.  For those of you who don't know, I teach EAL or English as an Additional Language in a high school.  I only teach students who come from different countries and I am convinced that my job is one of the best ever.  I get to teach kids who want to be at school (generally) and value the educational opportunities they are provided with.  This doesn't make them perfect.  I still struggle with getting students to do their homework and finish assignments.  However, it sure does make life interesting.  I get to learn all about different cultures and languages.  I also create very meaningful connections with my students as I teach them for several years in many cases.Even once they take regular classes, I often see them again for tutorial classes where I assist them with homework.  I have several students come and visit me even when I don't teach them anymore and it kind of feels like a family.  In a sense, we are a family as I am one of the few Canadians they know or feel comfortable communicating with when they first arrive in the country. 

So the first day is out of the way...and hopefully the nerves are out of the way..for the students that is.  I am not really nervous anymore when it comes to teaching kids.  However, I am nervous that the daycare will call me at any moment and expect me to pick up my child while I'm working. I think this must be the worry of every working parent.  I have yet to find a solution..and am starting to discover that there may not be one.  Someone told me that they used to live in a city that had emergency babysitting services.  I would be very interested in this sort of service if anyone in Regina is willing to start a new venture!  I think there's a huge market for it..it's not my thing but I'd be a potential customer for sure.

I'll stop rambling now...next up, day two of classes.  Tomorrow is a normal day..today was more of an orientation.  Then, I've got my first Masters class of the semester coming up tomorrow night.  We shall see how this working/university/mom of two lifestyle goes.  So far, the running training seems to be suffering...only 12 days until the half marathon.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed these days!

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