Sunday, June 12, 2011

My New Running Playlist

Since I started running outside again, I've realized that my IPod doesn't have many motivational songs on it. It's a good thing it's got the skip function because I feel like I am constantly pressing it and hoping the next song will be better. It's been literally years since I downloaded any newer songs so I decided to buy a few. Back in the day, we used to buy CD's but I haven't bought any of those relics lately either.

I wanted some newer tunes that I hadn't heard a million times before although I did add a couple of classics in there as well. Here's the list I ended up with..mostly from the ITunes top songs.

As for the running, I am embarrassed to admit that I've become a bit of a weekend warrior but it's just so hard to find time to run during the week. I work, I pick up the kids and I work some more. They go to bed and I am exhausted. These next few days will be worse as I have tons of correcting to do and I also have to make review tests and final exams for my classes. Going back to teaching at this point in the year isn't ideal but I know it'll be much easier on me in the fall because of it. I am sure it's like most jobs where you feel like you have to somewhat start over again and yet it feels like you never left in some ways.

I am looking forward to summer when the kids will still be attending daycare and I will have some much needed time to myself to run, clean, organize, read, garden, relax...

My running goals:
  • Run at least five times a week and follow a proper training program again.
  • YMCA Road Race in August
  • QCM Half Marathon in September
I may consider another race or two before August but I just don't feel prepared to do any races when my training hasn't been where it needs to be. 

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