Monday, June 27, 2011

Cap and Gown - Oh, the Memories!

Convocating with a Bachelor of Education (After Degree).  
Today was the Cap and Gown ceremony for our Grade 12 students and it brought back a lot of memories.  Well, not the ceremony itself as we didn't actually have a cap and gown ceremony when I was in high school but the sentiment behind it.  I listened to the hopes and dreams of each grad as they received their diplomas and tried to remember what mine had been in Grade 12.  I am not sure what the exact words would have been but they would have said something like, "Trudy will be attending the University of British Columbia in order to study Human Kinetics specializing in Leisure and Sports Management."

At that time, I don't think I had any specific plans for my future but I knew I loved sports and wanted to follow my heart.  One thing I truly believe is that you should do what you love in life.  I am the kind of person that will change jobs if I don't feel like I am content any longer (Hope my husband isn't reading this..he wouldn't want me to change jobs again.  He already thinks I'm a professional student.).  At the moment, I LOVE my job and wouldn't trade for anything else.  I can't guarantee I'll feel this way forever but it's the perfect job for me at this time in my life.

For those of you who don't know me, I teach students from other countries how to speak English so they can continue on in "regular" Canadian classes and eventually finish high school.  I work at a high school with students from all walks of life.  It's a pretty special place really.  I started teaching in this school exactly four years ago and it was a special day for me today.  I got to see some of my first students cross the stage and receive their diplomas.  Some are going to universities to study law, nursing, and international studies.   Some are coming back to our high school in the fall to take Advanced Placement classes in Fine Arts and others are going to work for a while.  I felt so much pride in seeing those young men and women receive their diplomas.  This is why I teach.  It was great to see these young people reach an important milestone in their lives and I also appreciated how excited they all must be with endless opportunities ahead of them.

Then, I re-considered for a moment.  Thinking of a future full of possibilities isn't limited to youth.  I taught with a lovely couple from Utah when I was in Taiwan.  They were retired teachers who decided to teach in Taiwan for a year and experience another culture.  Also, a family from Regina was highlighted in our local paper a few months ago for taking a year off their jobs and traveling around the world with their children.  Why not?!  Imagine experiencing the world in person rather than simply reading a book or googling it on the internet.

Everyone can take something away from a high school graduation.  The feeling of hope, the sense of anticipation, the optimism of youth, the excitement of what's to come and the value of enjoying each and every day in our lives.

It was a great day that brought back great memories.  It also made me contemplate the next time I'll be up on the stage...receiving my Master's Degree.  I'm not sure when that will be..but I was reminded that it's not necessarily about the destination but the journey.

I posted the photo above for a couple reasons.  First, it was the only "grad" I've ever attended where I actually wore the cap and gown.  Second, it happened to be available on my computer and I figure we're a good looking bunch so why not share. :-)   Finally, we were the only BEAD (Bachelor of Education After Degree) students in the Elementary Ed program that year and we became very good friends.


  1. We sure did! What an amazing ride ... and still going!

  2. Sorry I guess I should have signed my name, since my google account still is non working.


  3.'s okay. I knew that was you! Can't believe that was already six years ago.

  4. I'm following you from TGCBB! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love your blog name and logo! That logo especially! It's gorgeous...

    I'm also a teacher. I teach French though. Our grade 12 students had their graduation ceremony today. The fire alarm went off twice during the ceremony. Oops...

    Next year, the students I taught in grade 7 my first year at the school will be leaving us. I will be sure to attend that!


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