Thursday, March 17, 2011

Regina's Cutest Baby Contest

About a month ago, we had the kids' photos taken by Perfect Image Photography for a contest called Regina's Cutest Baby contest in which all sitting fees were donated to charity.  They did a wonderful job and we ended up with lots of great photos including the ones below.  In my opinion, all the babies are super cute but here are my sweeties and they are definitely the cutest in my eyes.  I would love some votes on Facebook for Connor and Aleena!  It only takes a couple minutes and, actually, Connor could have an outside chance if I can get some more votes for him.  Aleena is pretty much out of the running as I haven't been campaigning too hard for votes so this is my attempt with this blog post!  As with most contests like this, please "like" Perfect Image Photography's page and then "like" each photo directly under the picture.  Then, ask a friend to like them too!  Thanks in advance.

Vote for Connor!

Vote for Aleena!


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