Monday, March 14, 2011

The Grand Total for the Z99 Auction Fundraiser is...


A huge thanks again to all the sponsors that helped out.  I was totally overwhelmed by all the support this fundraising project received.  Just imagine what we could do next year if I start more than a week beforehand!  :-)

I also want to thank everyone for bidding and congratulate all the winning bidders because they won some pretty amazing items and were also able to contribute to a wonderful cause, the Z99 Radiothon and the NICU at the Regina General Hospital.  Please take a few moments to listen to some of the stories on March 17th and 18th on Z99 when the actual Radiothon takes place.  Every year, I listen to these stories and end up teary-eyed just hearing what parents go through and how important the NICU is.  This is truly a genuinely important cause and that's why everyone has been so amazing.

Once again, here's our list of sponsors who not only donated items, but in many cases, bid on items themselves and spent time promoting it or sharing the cause with their friends.  That's how this grew so quickly!  It really became a global effort with businesses helping from all over Canada and even from New Zealand.  I hope to do this again next year so please keep this fundraiser in mind!  Thank you!!!

Here are the sponsors!

Baby Chunky Cheeks - Regina, SK
Butterfly Bows - Darmouth, Nova Scotia
Something Sassy tutus and more - Warman, SK
Alys & Felix - Christchurch, New Zealand
Kenna's Kreations - Regina, SK
Little Threads by Rebecca - Hamilton, Ontario
Off the Hook Creations - Regina, SK
Rooted Instincts Services & Emporium - Regina, SK
Knits & Knots by Trista Miller - Regina, SK
Tupperware by Kathleen Eisler - Regina, SK
Perfect Image Photography - Regina, SK 
GurlyStuff... and more - Guelph, Ontario
A Balanced Approach Therapy Centre - Regina, SK
Baby Bliss Designs - Regina, SK
AlligatorSnaps - Toronto, Ontario
~Darling Designs~ - Regina, SK
lia sophia Jewellery (Christina Spackman) - Calgary, Alberta 
Baby Mine - Regina, SK 
Dawn's Design - Regina, SK
By JLC - Toronto, Ontario
Lil Divas Bowtique - Whitby, Ontario
Nellie's Laundry Soap - Regina, SK
PURSEnal Trends - Regina, SK
Sling Sisters - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Flawless Hair Design - Regina, SK
Scentsy by Kara Friebel - Regina, SK
Everything Mom and Baby - Toronto, Ontario
myMonkeymoo - Vancouver, British Columbia 

Thank You comments


  1. Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for taking the time to organize this!

  2. That's great! That's super how you pulled it all together in so little time.

  3. Awesome job everyone! Thanks so much Trudy!


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