Friday, March 4, 2011

No High Chair? Try the Tie Chair!

As we plan for our upcoming trip to Florida, I realized we have a baby and toddler and no high chairs.  I still plan on calling the hotel to see if we can borrow a high chair but I thought I'd give the Tie Chair Deluxe a chance since I'd seen it on Babysteals in the past.  Unfortunately, there weren't any available in the archives so I turned to the Discussion Board where there are some items up for re-sale and was lucky enough to receive a response from a fellow Canadian that sent it pronto!  It just arrived today so Aleena and I tried it out for the first time.

Here's a fun little review based on a very short few moments.  First and foremost, the material is a very heavy cotton and there's lots of it.  I didn't expect the ties to be quite so long or wide.  I guess it's a good thing but it was a bit surprising.  The material is machine washable and you can also throw it into the dryer.  I'd be careful about the long ties though...maybe put it in a pillow case or something first so they don't get destroyed in the spin cycle.  This design isn't my favourite pattern but I wasn't being picky for half price and fast shipping.  I love how small it gets and I have high hopes this will help us out a little on our trip especially if there aren't any high chairs at the hotel.

If you want to check out their website, they are located at

Now to the best part..the photos!

Muhaha!  I'm a big girl now!

Picture of the back so you can see my wonderful tying job.
Yep, just chillin' out eating my Toddler Mum Mum.
Whoa! I think you need to tie me in tighter Mommy!
Seriously!  I think you need to tie me in tighter.  I'm falling here!
Here's the package.  This girl looks really happy.  I wonder if my toddler will look this happy?!
As you can see, I think I need some practice tying my tie chair but it worked well enough while Aleena was eating.  She only started getting loose when she was squirmy and had nothing to do.  It worked better when I actually tied it up in the front so it was a bit tighter and more secure.  This was our very quick review with mixed results.  I'll have a much more thorough one after our trip and I'll let you all know how the toddler reacts to being tied in a chair.  I have a feeling he won't care if there's good food in front of him but we'll see.

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  1. I LOVE my tie chair (the Halifax mommies have seen it in action a few times!)! Ours does have shoulder straps as well though so it holds him in. They are SO convenient - I always have it in my diaper bag!!

  2. Jenn, did you get a different brand? I saw something like that too...the My Little Seat one.

  3. Yes - we have "My Little Seat" - we were actually given it as a shower gift and have gotten quite a bit of use out of it! LOVE IT!!

  4. YAY - I saw you are at #43 in TopMommyBlogs now!! Movin your way up to the top 25!

  5. This is pretty clever...for babies that are not like mine. I can just picture Scarlett plotting an escape before she is even tied up. She tries to scale her toys & can't even crawl yet (I think I'm in for a long year...) But I'm curious to try it out next time we come over!

  6. We had one of those when Bennett was little, it was really great because it's so portable!

  7. That is so adroable! And how cool. I'm following from facebook. Great blog :)


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