Saturday, December 17, 2011

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

My Masters class is finally over for the semester so I've got time to blog again.  We also finally had time to buy and put up our Christmas tree. This year, it was almost completely decorated by Connor.  He was really keen to put all ALL the ornaments so we let him...although I did move a few a bit higher so we didn't have fifty ornaments at the same height.

I am also excited to start doing some Christmas cookie baking today and we even managed to buy a couple more presents today too.  It wasn't quite as crazy as I expected although we only went to Canadian Tire and they weren't overly busy.  I'm sure that Walmart and Costco are a zoo.

I feel like I have possibly survived the hardest part of going back to work full-time.  The four months in the fall is a long stretch with only a few days off and it's been tough with the kids, sickness, and my university class.  We made it though and I plan on enjoying every moment of the next few weeks.  I have to give some credit to mother nature for being so kind with these mild temperatures.  It's so much easier not having to totally bundle up the kids in the mornings.  I know there will be super cold days to come but it's been a decent fall at the very least.

Finally, here's some lovely photos of our tree decorator this year!  Christmas with Connor has been a lot of fun so far this year.  He is so excited about it and it makes the holidays so much more special with that kind of enthusiasm around!

A sweet picture in front of the Christmas tree.
This is more like my child!

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