Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A "Steal" I Couldn't Resist

I have been so proud of myself lately.  After I vowed to take a break from Steals websites, I have managed to control my spending pretty well in all aspects of life!  I had to practice great restraint a few times.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), most items I really want sell out so fast that any hesitation means I usually miss out.  Some tempting items as of late were the nightlight turtle that projects constellations, the Zoobie tortoise, Andee Lew long sleeved onesies, and nursing tank tops.  If any of these came up again, I wouldn't mind a Zoobie for Aleena's Christmas gift and the nursing tops would sure come in handy as an underlayer this winter.  If I plan my purchases in advance, is it still an impulse buy?

There was one totally frivolous "steal" that I couldn't resist and it was Rufflebutts.  Yes, I know it's not "essential" which is my current guideline for buying things online, but look how CUTE!!   I did a little photo shoot with my less than happy baby just now.  She's so smiley most of the time but not so much today.  I still got some nice photos to share her new Rufflebutt shorts which she paired up with her signature BabyLegs and a cute little hair bow.  Having a girl is sooo much fun!

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