Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Friday & Cyber Monday for Mommies (Updated November 29th)

Welcome to one-stop shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday ...just for mommies!

I have been waiting to buy my last couple of Christmas gifts in hopes of getting some good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of Black Friday, it's the Friday after American Thanksgiving (always the fourth Thursday in November) and is sort of the official launch of Christmas shopping in the US.  The concept has since spread to Canada and many Canadian retailers have caught on with the idea as well so we've seen more and more  Black Friday sales happening here.  It's kind of like Canadian Boxing Day where crowds of people line up outside stores and wait to get the great sales.    Black Friday is November 26th this year.  An even newer concept that has arisen with online shopping is Cyber Monday and it is the following Monday.  It falls on November 29th this year although it's important to note that many online retailers will begin their sales on Black Friday as well.  Of course, for most mommies, online shopping is preferable over elbowing our way through hoards of ravenous shoppers so my preference is Cyber Monday!

Photographer: Renjith Krishna
To save everyone a bit of time, I thought I'd keep a running record here of sites that I become aware of and update it over the next couple of weeks as the big sale days approach.  Some online stores are already hinting about their sales and some will likely advertise at the last minute or possibly just the day of.  Most online shops offer hints about their sales.  The marketing strategy seems to be to get people hooked and wait until the last minute to actually give the details.  The best part about Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that the deals don't disappoint.  It's almost always the best prices of the year for that company.  Let me know if you have come across any more sales, deals, coupon codes in the comments and I'll add those as well.  I'd like to keep this post limited to products for babies, children, and mommies.  I'd love to hear about any stores, big or small!  Here's what I've got so far.  As I said, this is a work in progress.  I will add and edit information as it becomes available.
  • BabyLegs - From their Facebook Fan Page: Hey Facebook Fans! We've still got a ways to go until we reach 25,000 fans by Black Friday! We will be having some GREAT deals that will be open only to our Facebook fans on Black Friday so you get them before we open it up to everyone else on Cyber Monday! Get your friends and family to "Like" us and tell them you want BabyLegs for Christmas! (US addresses only...anyone have a US mailbox I can use?)
  • - From a mamabargains e-mail newsletter: "Yes, it's true, Black Friday is ONE WEEK AWAY! We are so excited about all the buzz, and we know you mamas are anxiously waiting to see what on earth could create so much excitement in the cyber world! Mamas who have been with us for the past couple years know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are unlike any other day of the year, and there is plenty that will thrill, surprise and amaze you this year, too! Make sure you stay tuned to your computer, Twitter, phone browser, text messages, any and every way to communicate online for both of these awesome days. Trust us, mamas- you are not gonna be happy if you miss out."
  • - As I've said many times, this is my personal favourite daily deals site!  They've hinted on their Facebook fan page that they'll be doing something special for Cyber Monday. Here's what they did last year: Cyber Monday is here! Join us today, for a new steal every two hours at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm Mountain Standard Time! Plus, every order today comes with a FREE gift – a Nursery item from Babylicious valued at least $32 retail!  Yeah, we’re crazy. But you love it!  Read their blog for an updated schedule of Steals!
  • - On their blog today (November 19th) - We know how much as you dread loathe getting up at 3am to wait in line for the best deals. Wouldn’t it be good better AMAZING if you could get STEALS from the comfort and warmth of your own home? A place where the only pushing and shoving you’ll have to endure is who can click the fastest?!
    Ladies, sign in to your Google Checkout accounts and get your fast fingers ready because we are bringing you some fun stuff for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We’ll share a few more details next week so you can get ready for the best steals around!
    Now the only question is, how will you ever break it to your husband that he can sleep in get up with the kids while you sleep in?  For more details, they have also updated there blog.
  • Bebe Bella Designs - 65% off all their blankets until midnight tonight (Black Friday).  The coupon code is : winter65
  • Taylor Joelle Designs - They also have a Facebook Fan page and will be having their biggest sale leading up to Christmas on Black Friday. 
  • - I seriously can't believe I haven't posted this website yet!  They are having sales all week on already discounted items and they have several daily deal type sales at once so you can combine shipping.  Better yet, they have flat shipping rates to Canada.  Just for fun, I added a bunch of items and got $8 shipping no matter what was in my shopping cart.  If you register with the site, they'll send you their coupon codes and let you know the new products being sold.  So, basically, it's a variety of super cheap items, flat rate shipping, and this week, an additional 25% off with the following coupon code: "cyberblackmonday".  Can't go wrong with that.  One of their current items is Agoo leggings for $5 each plus the coupon code...and if I buy a few with flat rate shipping...but I kind of feel like I'm cheating on my other baby legging company.  What to do?
  • Rufflebutts - From their Facebook fan page - "BLACK FRIDAY | We've got quite a few GREAT DEALS in store for Black Friday! Everything will go live at at 3AM EST Friday Morning. If you're looking for a way to win $100 in RuffleButts, checkout our latest Giveaway to pass the time..."
  • Discovery Toys Sale - Black Friday will be marked with a free toy when you spend $65, and Cyber Monday is the big 20/20/20 sale - 20 of our favorite products all 20% off for 20 hours!  The sale applies to online shopping only.
I've been posting coupon codes on my Facebook page as I find them today (Cyber Monday).  I haven't seen anything overly fantastic today but there are still some good deals to be had.  If you want to share a deal, feel free to share it on the Facebook fan page.  Thanks!


    1. Ah boo for being in Germany. Maybe once I learn the language I can find online deals here? ;)

    2. Haha..I'm sure some companies have international shipping but I'm jealous of your Christmas markets. They sound like fun!


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