Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Notes from the IT Summit

Keynote: Ewan McIntosh

What kids love that helps them learn:
1.       Collaborate
2.       Challenge
3.       Responsibility
4.       Respect
5.       Real things

People like three to nineteen choices in life.

Checklist for good generative topics
·         Does it pass the “so what?” test?
·         Is it epic and big scale, not tiny and “fake”?
·         Does it cover more than just one curriculum subject or topic, or have four or more ways of solving it?
·         Does it spark natural curiosity?
·         Is there enough potential material in which learners can immerse themselves?
·         Can it be made accessible, feasible to access for every learner?
Think of as many titles as possible. 
Do not justify ideas. 
Keep going even after you think you have a great one.

Strategies used with students for them to reflect upon their learning:

Reflecting on learning as a community
Reflecting on individual learning
Thumbs up / Thumbs Down
One-on-one conversations
Three way conferences
Group Discussions
Sticky Notes
Silent Chatter
Exit Slips
Flexible Groups
Photo Timelines
Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers
Carousel Brainstorming

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