Sunday, November 4, 2012

Working Mommy Overload

I interrupt my Italy posts to write a little bit about being a working mommy of two with about a zillion other things going on.'s probably an exaggeration to call it interrupting when I haven't posted on my blog for at least a month.  I don't even know when I wrote here last so it must have been a while ago!  This is more of a vent to relieve some stress and possibly make a plan. 

First and foremost, I've got two assignments due within the next month that total 70% of my final mark for the masters class.  That isn't exactly an insignificant amount and I am starting to feel the pressure to get working on these assignments.  While I would love to actually work of them, it doesn't take long for me to realize that I am not sure when that would happen especially this week.   It seems like something is going on every weekday and every weekend.  In actuality, it doesn't just SEEM like it...I really do have things to do 

Here's another kicker..I start my thesis hours in January and based on my grades, my writing seems to be regressing instead of improving.  I am at a point in my life where I don't care a whole lot about the actual number grade but I am interested in knowing how my writing abilities are regressing instead of improving in my fifth masters class.  Of course, I understand the ways of the world and that different teachers/professors might not be consistent with their grading methods.  However, it certainly takes a hit to the confidence as I embark on writing a research proposal and everything that goes along with it. 

I will admit that I was so disillusioned about getting the same crummy mark on my last paper as the one previous that I subsequently shoved it in my book bag and haven't looked at it since.   Yes, grad students do that too...or at least this one does.  The mature thing to do would be to look at the comments and learn from them.  I'll get there...eventually.

On the upside, I truly have little to complain about in life so this is all just nitpicking and mostly self-induced.  I'm all for a bit of stress to keep a person on their toes but I will be the first to admit that I might be a wee bit overstressed at the moment.  I will be absolutely thrilled when I am finished my fifth and LAST class on December 3rd.  In the meantime, I will keep running on the treadmill of life (as well as the real one..that's quality stress relief) and hope I don't fall off. 

I just hope that everyone appreciates working moms and how hard it is to get ourselves to work each morning.  You can assume we've been spit on, drooled on, possibly pooped on, plead with, whined at and finally clung to desperately before we get to work each day.  At least that's my when I get to work and my hair is sticking up...that's where my kids hold onto my head when I help them with their boots.  That snot on my shirt is from their drooling noses when they cry and cling to me as I drop them off at daycare.  I may possibly be the happiest person at work on Monday mornings because, honestly, I am just happy to have made it there.

By the way..I'm not complaining; I'm just explaining.  I wouldn't trade all of this for anything.  Love my kids, love my job, and love everything else that I do in life even though it all sometimes drives me a bit crazy. PS-  Love my hubby too..just couldn't fit it into that last sentence with the parallel structure I was going for.  How's that for grammar?!

Vent over.

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