Sunday, January 15, 2012

So unmotivated!

So I have started yet another Masters class.  Since I have decided to do a thesis, I only have two of the five classes left to go.  Unfortunately, they happen to be the required classes and so far, I'm not really a fan.  My real love is second language education and I really enjoyed the three classes I took which focused on learning about that specific area.  Granted, I've only attended one class but clearly the focus is not English as an Additional Language (EAL) and I feel a bit out of my element.  It's still education but it's general and, so far, quite theoretical.  My article this week is all about various education theories in relation to teaching social justice.  Actually, it's really just about social justice theories developed over the last century with about a thousand references to various research studies and social movements.

While I am still going to continue with the class, the thought has crossed my mind that it would be nice to take a semester off and possibly take the course in the summer session.  On the other hand, that would mean I have to take a class during the summer session and I'd rather take that time off.  I am less than enthused but I'm also sure that I will learn some new things and the students in this class have much more diverse teaching positions.  Only a couple of us teach EAL exclusively and I am interested to learn about how I can relate EAL to curriculum development. 

In other news, I am going to be co-teaching a mainstream English B10 class this semester for the first time.  The other teacher and I have yet to work out the details, but I am excited to have this opportunity as it will be my first time co-teaching for an entire semester.  The class has several EAL students so I will be there to primarily support them but also hope to learn more about how they participate in mainstream classes and observe how they interact with native English speakers. Well, I really should get back to my homework as I am supposed to hand in a three page reading response on Tuesday evening and have yet to finish reading the article.  Amazingly, I got almost nothing done this weekend (sarcasm there) although I did spend some time reading The Cat in the Hat, Curious George and a myriad of bedtime stories.  I avoided Robert Munsch after reading a few of his stories to my stubborn three year old and wondered if his writing is really appropriate for rebellious toddlers. 

Oh, and if you read my post last week about being more financially aware, we did pretty well and learned some things about each other and ourselves.  We made some positive changes without doing anything too drastic.  We drove together everyday last week and it went surprisingly well.  I only say that because we've tried to carpool in the past and it didn't always work that well ...there may have been some disagreements and general friction about departure times.  Last week went quite smootly in both directions.  I also made lunches for Jeremy all week and he saved money on lunch money although he's still buying breakfasts everyday.  He said he wants a hot breakfast...any suggestions on how we can do this realistically each morning would be appreciated.  Anyone making egg mcmuffiny type things 'to go' at home?

I am truly going to do some homework now and try to not watch the Golden Globes.  Really.

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