Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Trials and Tribulations of Potty Training

So last weekend, we decided we were going to make a concerted effort to potty train Connor.  We bought some Pull Ups and resolved to sit him on the potty every hour.  Here's how it's gone so far...

  • Two successful trips to the potty.  Lots of cheers and high fives!
  • Many wet Pull Up diapers...we went through about one per hour.  Basically, every time he sat on the potty, we had to put a new Pull Up on.
  • Some self-exploration while sitting on the potty.  Fun new names for things..."a bat", "bubblegum", and "a chicken".  
  • Frustration over having to sit on the potty yet again!
  • Not telling us that he has to go...ever.
  • Peed on the potty a couple more times.  More praise and high fives!  
  • Still peeing in the Pull Ups.  Going through Pull Ups like they're going out of style.
  • Created a new name for it's just referred to as "making yellow" around here.
  • Read The Potty Book for the umpteenth time.  Decided to try wearing underwear to see what would happen.  Didn't pee on the potty but peed in the underwear and on the kitchen floor about five minutes later.
  • Back to Pull Ups...more sitting on the potty and more Pull Ups.
This Week:
  • Sits on potty first thing in the morning and before bed.  Sometimes success and sometimes nada.  Cheers all around.
  • Trying Pull Ups at daycare and mostly back to using diapers.
  • Asked to "Make Yellow" a couple times after he went to bed so that was promising.  Had already peed in his diaper both times but it's a start, right?
We asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty's what he did.  I'm guessing...he's just not ready yet and I'm okay with that.  We'll give the every hour schedule another try this weekend and continue to be patient.  I will be upping the ante with some Cars stickers.

Oh, and I am very open to suggestions and tips.  Please comment with your best! 

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