Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Run at Garmin Connect - Details

This was my second run using my new Garmin Forerunner. If you aren't familiar, it's basically a GPS watch that keeps track of distance, pace, time, etc using satellites. I've been running for years and have a pretty good idea of my running pace but was pleasantly surprised to find out that I run faster than I thought I did.

Today, was kind of rough though. Both kids have been coughing and sneezing on my for days and it's finally hit me. I have caught their cold and don't feel great to start with. Then, the heat and humidity did me in by the end of the run. I was feeling really rough for the last couple miles and struggled to finish up the 9 miles I had set out to do today. I walked a bit and ran a bit until I was able to complete 9 miles and now I'm exhausted. I was quite happy with the first 6-7 miles though..I maintained a pace that is manageable for a long run and should be able to speed up with regular training.

I'm a bit concerned..I am doing a half marathon August 14th..that's less than a month away. I REALLY hope I feel better during my next long run and am hoping that my difficulties had more to do with my cold and the heat and humidity rather than a lack of fitness.

Here's the info the Garmin came up with for today to give you an idea of the information it provides.

Long Run at Garmin Connect - Details

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