Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting rested up for the big race!

Tomorrow is Aleena's first race. We're starting her early. She's participating in the Northgate Mall's Baby Crawl. Her first heat is in the 5-6 month category. If by some miracle she gets up and starts crawling, she might have a fighting chance of winning the race and advancing to the finals.

She has been taking an odd approach to her pre-race training that I am not familiar with. For example, she has been resting a lot! I suppose this strategy could work but I expect that some push ups, legs pushes or bums ups might have been more beneficial. It's hard to reason with her though. I have tried to teach her everything I know about races but she simply looks at me, grins and coos. I am choosing to believe it's her way of telling me that it's okay and she has it under control. At this very moment, she's staring at herself in the mirror. She seems to be doing some sort of race visualization, a very effective and advanced technique for such a young racer.

Her race attire will be a short-sleeved onesie in hopes that she'll be able to somehow maneuver her body at least partially across the mat. Regardless of what transpires, we are looking forward to watching her "perform" tomorrow and we will always be proud of our baby girl.

Here are some photos of our baby girl "training".

By the way, the registration fee for the "race" is a donation to KidSport so it's all for a good cause. Each baby gets a few free gifts for participating.

Here's a link to the event poster.

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